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Hikvision, a global leader in innovative image and video processing solutions, has chosen Digiservice as an authorized service provider for Hikvision LED screens and commercial displays in Poland. This strategic partnership enables Digiservice to function as the official service center for Hikvision, offering repair and returns services (RMA) for the company's products.

In accordance with the agreement signed by both companies and the warranty procedure applicable at Hikvision, Digiservice carries out a full range of activities resulting from the comprehensive nature of the service, including contact center support.
and administrative, logistics, diagnostics and repair. 


Hikvision is an international manufacturer and leader in the production and supply of video monitoring devices. Hikvision is the leader 
in the field of AIoT thanks to advanced machine perception, artificial intelligence and big data. The manufacturer focuses on
on providing intelligent solutions and thus strives for a smarter, more convenient and more efficient world.

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